Oreos contain high amounts of fat and sugar, as well as hydrogenated oil which is considered to be bad for a person’s health. A study also indicates that Oreo cookies may be as addictive as cocaine. More »

To make Oreo cookies, Kraft stirs together flour, cocoa and other ingredients to create thick dough. A machine presses the dough into cookie wafers and embosses them with the Oreo emblem. The cookies are baked, cream fil... More » Food Grocery Snacks

Oreos are considered vegan if manufactured in the United States. In some places in Europe, Oreos may contain whey and are not considered vegan. In addition, depending on the strictness of the vegan's principles, the suga... More »

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According to FitDay, leading studies show that energy drinks such as Powerade are not beneficial to one's health due to their high levels of sugar, sodium, artificial colors and flavors. In some cases, Powerade induces w... More »

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