One easy way to write a formal college graduation announcement is to list the educational institution and the degree. The following is an example: “The faculty and graduating class of Neverland University are pleased to ... More » Education Colleges & Universities

A college diploma is a certificate earned when a student achieves graduation from an accredited college program, earning anywhere from 30 to over 70 college credits. A "diploma" is the technical term used for the piece o... More » Education Colleges & Universities

The federal college graduation rate reflects the percentage of students who remain at the same university and finish their degrees within six years. It is significantly different from the degree attainment rate, which me... More » Education Colleges & Universities
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Scholarships, grants and stipends are all ways in which students can be paid to attend college. However, it's rare that attendees are awarded so much they still have money after paying for tuition, living costs and schoo... More » Education Colleges & Universities

There is no one way that dancers choose which college to attend. However, there are some criteria to consider, such as whether a particular college has a solid humanities core, including writing and technology, a steady ... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Aside from the most obvious difference that college is optional (and paid for) whereas high school is not one of the key differences lies in the way that time at college is self-managed. Unlike in high school, college st... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Experts and observers are divided on the significance of college rankings, with some extolling rankings as a way for students and families to determine the best school for them, and others decrying them as artificial and... More » Education Colleges & Universities