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As of 2015, no reputable business offers money orders to U.S. residents online, according to About.com, while a few companies once sold money orders online, they have since went out of business. The history of the online money order industry is incredibly volatile, with...


A purchase order is a legally binding document between a buyer and seller in which the terms of a purchase are set, including the price, quantity of items and delivery date. An online purchase order is one that is written, viewed and approved online rather than in hard ...


You can order school books online from several sources including Amazon.com and ValoreBooks.com. These sources provide school books from kindergarten to college level. You can also view school books online for primary and secondary school levels at CK12.org.


Photos can be ordered online at Shutterfly. In addition, stock photos and historical photos can be ordered at photo sites such as Getty Images and Corbis Images.


Walmart online shoppers find products to add to their online shopping carts, sign in or create an account and pay during the check-out step. To better assist online shoppers, Walmart no longer offers the guest check-out option, as of 2015.


Clothing can no longer be ordered from the Fashion Bug catalog, as of 2015. The parent company of Fashion Bug, Charming Shoppes, was purchased by Ascena Retail Group, who subsequently decided to discontinue the Fashion Bug brand.


The main benefits of ordering groceries online are that customers can buy groceries anytime from anywhere while avoiding traffic and long lines at the grocery store. They can also set up recurring orders for staples and favorite items and save money by avoiding in-store...