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A white orchid is a flowering plant with white blooms that are sometimes fragrant. White orchids belong to the orchid family and are seen in varieties ranging from the popular phalaenopsis to the more rare paphiopedalum.


Some ways to find cheap orchids are to buy them online or at garden shops, shows and local greenhouses. It may be possible to get them cheaper when growing orchids from seeds, but buying adult plants is much easier, especially for people who don't have much experience w...


About.com points out that it is easy to care for mantis shrimp, as they are very low-maintenance pets; they require a small amount of food and a clean aquatic habitat. The mantis shrimp prefers live food but eats dead food as well, including bits of shrimp, mussel, squi...


Written records from about 700 B.C. show that orchids originated in China and Japan, where they were used for natural remedies. The plants began their westward migration in the 1700s, when English missionaries to Asia brought the flowers home as gifts, according to the ...


Orchids can be found almost anywhere in the world, although 10,000 of the approximately 30,000 varieties are found in tropical rain forests. The rain forests of Central America, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Borneo and Costa Rica are host to wild orchids. Orchids do not grow in...


Orchids need six things to bloom properly: light, water, fertilizer, air movement, humidity and proper temperatures. Orchids are not difficult plants, and will grow, thrive and bloom with these basic tips for proper orchid care.


If well cared for, orchids can live for centuries. The blooms themselves may last anywhere between a week up to four months, depending on the species. There are some divisions of orchids discovered in the 19th century that are still growing today.