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A random funny ad for orbit gum. A good clean feeling.


The writers were onset all day giving us different things to say. It was a lot of fun. The Orbit people were in the back room and they kept calling via radio "We want more chewing! More chewing ...


She is best known in the United States as the Orbit Gum girl television commercial (whose catchphrase is "Fabulous!"). Early life. Branch filming a television commercial for Orbit Gum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2007. Branch holds dual citizenship in the United Kingdom and the United ...


Orbit Gum Commercial Song – Zombie Kiss ‘Kinda Hot’ Wrigley’s Extra and Orbit chewing gum have just begun airing this new ‘Kiss – Time To Shine’ TV commercial, which appears to be set in some kind of zombie apocalypse.


The 15-second spot, promoting the Peppermint Gum, is set in a post-apocalyptic world and features a teenage boy telling a zombie girl that he doesn’t know if he should kiss her because she’s a zombie. After grabbing an Orbit gum, she answers she’s kind of hot, which makes the guy find his courage and kiss her.


On 2007 Orbit Gum launched a commercial titled “Dirty Mouth Test 37”, advertising their new Orbit Raspberry Mint. The video went viral. The script contained a bunch of euphemisms that combined with the funny situation of the commercial caused a nation-wide sensation, not only on the internet but on pop culture as well.


In 2014, Orbit moved to a more global approach to marketing, replacing the Orbit Girl, and with a new commercial with Sarah Silverman to kick off its new campaign: "Eat. Drink. Chew Orbit." to emphasize the benefits of chewing gum after eating and drinking.


Whether it’s the icy, cool taste of traditional mint, or something fun and fruity, you can always count on a clean and fresh mouth feeling with Orbit Gum.


Who else gets creeped out by that new Orbit Gum commercial? In the commercial a guy plays spin the bottle, and the bottle lands on a creepy cat lady who hisses. It really freaked me out when I first saw it, and I hope I never see it again! Here is the link for those who have not seen the commercial.


Stay cool under pressure with Orbit Gum. #TimeToShine For additional information and flavors of gum, visit http://www.orbitgum.com/. See more Orbit commercials by ...