An option-to-purchase agreement lets renters pay a fee for the right to purchase the property in the future. In the case of a rental house, the owners often set aside this fee and apply it to the downpayment if the rente... More » Business & Finance Investing

Obtain a free home purchase or sale agreement form through sites such as,, and, as of 2015. Each site contains different versions of real estate purchase forms co... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Sample lease purchase agreements are available on, and Public Legal Forms charges a fee for users to download the document. U.S. Legal and Rocket Lawyer charge no f... More » Business & Finance Real Estate
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To purchase one share of a stock, open a broker account, sign an agreement, choose the stock of your preference, fund the purchase, and pay the transaction fee, according to NBC News. The exact method for making a stock ... More » Business & Finance Investing

Renters have the right to be served with a legal notice of an eviction, and landlords cannot move renters and their property out without the assistance of a law enforcement officer, says Nolo. Evictions must be preceded ... More » Government & Politics Law

The Edict of Milan was a proclamation based on the agreement made in Milan in February 313 A.D. by the Roman emperors Constantine I and Licinius, which granted Christians legal right to organize, freedom to worship any d... More » Art & Literature Literature Classics

There is no direct figure or indicator used to accurately predict the future of Apple stock; however, investors can utilize some of the tools on sites such as Yahoo Finance to make an informed investment decision. Moreov... More » Business & Finance Investing