Optical lenses use the principle of refraction to focus light rays or disperse them. Refraction is the bending of a ray of light when it moves between media of different densities at an angle. More » Science Physics Optics & Waves

Hakim Optical provides services such as fittings for prescription glasses, contact lenses and recommendations on style and lens type for glasses. Hakim also offers a one-year warranty against defects and accidental damag... More » Health Vision Glasses & Contacts

Costco Optical is the eyewear and vision care division of Costco; Costco Optical offers discounts on prescription glasses and contact lenses in addition to eye exams from licensed opticians and optometrist, as reported o... More »

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A magnifying glass "bends light rays to make things look bigger than they are," according to This fools the eye and brain, causing the light to look as if it comes from a different object. As light rays pass t... More » Science Physics Optics & Waves

Optical devices include magnifying lenses, spectacles, binoculars, microscopes, telescopes and lasers. Optical devices manipulate light waves to aid in viewing or analyzing those waves to determine properties of the obje... More » Science Physics Optics & Waves

According to HowStuffWorks, optical cables work by lining the inside of a wire with thin strands of glass and coating those strands of glass with two layers of plastic. The plastic creates a mirror-like effect around the... More » Science Physics Optics & Waves

Concave lenses, which are thinner at the center than edges, work by allowing parallel rays of light to pass through, refract and diverge, making the image appear to come from one point. This point is known as the princip... More » Science Physics Optics & Waves