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The Ontario Dental Association has placed copies of its fee guide in the reference section of a number of libraries in the area. As of February 2015, the guide is not accessible on the ODA's website. Some dentist offices may also have a copy available.


To find out the average dental fees in an area, a cost estimator tool such as the FAIR Health consumer cost look up can be used. FAIR Health bases its averages off a database of healthcare claims to provide independent data, notes the organization's website. To see the average costs in their area, p


A dental fee schedule consists of dental procedures and the amounts insurance will pay dentists to perform those procedures, states Consumer Guide to Dentistry. Dentists who accept the insurance agree to abide by the insurance’s fee schedule and write off any difference between their customary charg


There are 27 colleges in Ontario including Conestoga, Kemptville and Boreal. The colleges offer a full range of academic opportunities ranging from apprenticeship-level programs to graduate degrees. Areas of study include the arts, technology, agriculture and business.


Ontario is a province in Eastern Canada that is bordered on the west by the province Manitoba and to the east by Quebec. It borders the U.S. state Minnesota. It also borders two Great Lakes Lake Erie and Lake Superior, to the south.


The Food Basics chain has over 115 stores in Ontario, Canada. There is a search tool at the Food Basics website that assists in finding their locations.


Some discount dental plans and fee schedules are helpful, but others are not, notes Policy Genius. The difference has to do with the amount of dental care a patient is likely to need and the quality of the plan itself. Discount dental plan quality varies widely.


As of July 2015, there are 87 Best Buy locations (including Best Buy Mobile stores and Express kiosks) spread throughout most regions in Ontario, Canada, as stated by Best Buy. With seven Best Buy stores, the city of Toronto has the highest number of locales, including two Best Buy Mobile locations.


The government of the Canadian province of Ontario is a one-chamber parliament with 107 seats modeled on a British legislative framework called the Westminster system of government. This Legislative Assembly is ruled by a selected member of the winning majority government as Premier of Government in


As of 2015, Ontario has a sales tax rate of 13 percent for most items, according to the Ontario Ministry of Finance. This tax, known as the Harmonized Sales Tax, consists of an 8 percent provincial portion and a 5 percent federal portion.