It is possible to vote for "Dancing with the Stars" online. However, viewers of the show must be at least 18 years old to vote online. More » Art & Literature

There are three main ways to vote on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," including by phone or online via the show's page on or the show's Facebook page. Viewers voting by phone call the numbers that flash on the scr... More » Art & Literature

Voting for "Dancing with the Stars" can be done by phone or online, through or the "Dancing with the Stars" Facebook page. Votes can only be placed during specific times during the airing of the show. More » Art & Literature
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"Dancing With the Stars" voting phone numbers for the current season are available on the Vote FAQ section of the "Dancing With the Stars" page on, as of 2015. Each contestant on the show has a separate phone ... More » Art & Literature

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