Consumers can find scientific notation calculators online or in retail stores such as Target, Staples and Office Depot, as of June 2015. The websites show product specifications and available customer reviews. Online or ... More » Math Math Calculators

WEB 2.0 CALC is an online scientific calculator that can compute algebra, geometry and finance problems. It can also handle calculus, functions, number theory and other advanced math topics. Another option with limited f... More » Technology Internet & Networking

A significant figure counter counts the significant digits in any number, including that of scientific notation. Most sites that have a significant figure counter use a program in which the user enters the number into a ... More » Math Math Calculators
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Calculators that add fractions can be found both in-store and online at retailers such as Walmart, Sears and Office Depot. Prices and availability vary by brand of calculator, store and location. More » Math Math Calculators

A four-function calculator is one that performs addition, subtraction, multiplication and division functions. Many such calculators have additional functions such as the square root and exponents. More » Math Math Calculators

In order to use an online calculator to convert square feet to linear feet, two basic measurements must be known. The first is the width in inches of the material being measured. The second is the square footage. More » Math Math Calculators

A miles per hour calculator, or MPH calculator, determines the average miles per hour based on the amount of time it takes to travel a certain number of miles. Miles per hour is a U.S. customary unit. More » Math Math Calculators