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Common types of insurance policies include homeowner's insurance, renter's insurance and car insurance, according to Forbes. Valuables insurance and umbrella insurance are other common types of insurance policies.


People buying life insurance policies should consider how much coverage they need, choose policy types based on their needs and figure out which plans are the most cost effective, notes About.com. Before choosing a policy, a person should first determine if he needs life insurance at all, as if he h


Important details consumers should consider when purchasing a life insurance policy include its term of coverage, cash value, cost and hidden fees, reports About.com. Other considerations include the status of dependents, other sources of income, ongoing debt and lifestyle. A fee-only insurance advi


An individual wishing to purchase a life insurance policy from Great-West Life Assurance Co. must contact the company directly to receive a referral to a financial security adviser, according to Great-West as of 2015. This adviser helps interested parties purchase products such as life, disability a


Farmer's Insurance Group, AllState and State Farm sell the top homeowners insurance policies, according to Consumer Affairs. These policies cover the structure, personal belongings, homeowner liability and emergency living expenses for traditional home, condominium, farm and mobile homeowners.


Customers can apply for a life insurance policy through Old American Insurance Company by visiting the company website, reviewing available products and contacting an agent, notes the company site. Through the company site, visitors can also review final expense facts and advice and learn how to bec


Customers can buy group annuity funding agreements and group employee term life insurance policies from the Great Western Insurance Company. These products are flexible, and GWIC offers personally designed insurance products to meet specific company needs. Annuities provide a steady stream of paymen


You can find discounted life insurance policies by purchasing your life insurance bundled with other types of insurance, according to the Simple Dollar. For example, you can bundle health coverage with homeowners' insurance and auto insurance. Larger insurers such as State Farm give people more insu


Types of home insurance policies include the limited coverage policy, which is a bare-bones policy that is fading in most state markets; the basic coverage plan, which protects from a broad range of disasters; and the special plan, which is the most comprehensive and popular plan for homeowners, acc


An insurance policy search is conducted when the policyholder is deceased, to see if any unclaimed benefits exist in his name, notes Consumer Reports. Examples of insurance providers that offer to perform insurance searches for beneficiaries and deceased policyholders, as of 2015, include AIG, Prude