An online eye exam is not as effective as an in-person comprehensive eye exam by an ophthalmologist, explains the American Optometric Association. This is because online eye exams focus on refraction only and do not crit... More » Health Vision

It is possible to take an eye exam online through a vision website to receive a general diagnosis, notes Sites such as and help give patients an idea of whether or not they need to ... More » Health Vision

Eye exam charts, or Snellen eye charts, are available online at the websites of Vision Source or Disabled World. Vision Source has one eye chart available for print, whereas Disabled World has four printable eye charts. More » Health Vision
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The best place to get an eye exam is at an ophthalmologist's office, according to WebMD. Ophthalmologists are eye doctors that can treat every possible eye disease, perform eye surgery and also provide eyeglasses fitting... More » Health Vision

While many online eye tests help patients gauge problems with their eyesight, they must see an ophthalmologist or other licensed professional for a diagnosis, states Sterling Optical. Common conditions patients can perfo... More » Health Vision

An optometrist is a health-care professional who provides vision care, such as sight testing and treatment and management of vision changes, whereas an ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who specializes in eye and visio... More » Health Vision

Laser surgery for cataracts is the application of lasers by an ophthalmologist to treat clouding of the lens of the eye. Laser cataract surgery is typically an outpatient procedure requiring a brief at-home recovery peri... More » Health Vision