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Penn State World Campus, ranked first by TheBestSchools.com and ninth by BestCollegeReviews.com), and Northern Arizona University, ranked 20th and first respectively, are some of the highest-ranked online colleges. The rankings were determined by affordability, quality education, and range of progra


Two popular online colleges are the University of Phoenix and Everest University online. These school provide courses needed to achieve an Associate, bachelor's or master's degree in a number of different fields of study. A list of degree programs is available on each university's web page.


Good online colleges include Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Pennsylvania State University World Campus, Arizona State University, Central Michigan University and North Carolina State University, according to College Choice. Other online colleges are the University of Florida Distance Learning


Top universities offer free online college courses, such as MIT and Johns Hopkins' OpenCourseWare programs, and Carnegie Mellon's OpenLearning. Additional websites offering free collegiate-level coursework are Coursera.org and OpenCulture.com.


The U.S. News and World Report publishes an annual list of the best national universities. It further publishes rankings of the best liberal arts colleges, the best regional universities, best medical schools and the best regional colleges, according to their website.


It is possible to get many college degrees online, including a bachelor's degree or a master's degree in business administration, and degrees in such areas as finance, human resources and marketing. Online enrollment in higher education is actually increasing at a faster rate than traditional higher


Some of the best online colleges for 2015 include Pennsylvania State University, Western Kentucky University and Daytona State College, according to U.S. News & World Report. These prestigious online schools all offer degrees in a number of subjects.


The best online colleges depend on the accreditation and the student's field of interest, but some good choices in the United States include Penn State World Campus and Chadron State College. Both schools offer degrees at the bachelor's and master's levels as well as professional certificates.


Some tips for taking online college classes include making sure to have the necessary equipment to succeed in the classes, participating in discussions, setting and sticking to a study schedule and choosing a good place to study, suggests CampusExplorer.com. Following these tips can help students st


Two colleges that offer both 100 percent online degree programs and free laptops to students include CollegeAmerica, Independence University Online and St. John's University. Other schools that provide free laptops to students include Bethel University, Northwest Missouri State University, Wake Fore