In regards to digital technology, a chat is an online real-time conversation. A chat can also be defined as an informal in-person, phone, LAN or WAN conversation More » Technology Social Media

Two of the most widely used, Web-based protocols for conferring with doctors, Teladoc and HealthTap, are good ways to get in touch with a doctor at any time of day. Both sites feature 24/7 access to trained and board-cer... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Farsi speakers can chat with other Farsi speakers on sites such as,, and Each site offers free access to their services. Some sites also deliver cultural information... More » Technology Social Media

Delete messages on Facebook by entering the Messages home page, opening a conversation and using the Actions menu. Mark the messages in the conversation you want to delete. More » Technology Social Media

Some free online chat rooms for singles include and The user does not need to create an account to join these two chat rooms. More » Technology Social Media

The Iran-themed chat room from the popular chat site hosts a 24-hour chat about the history of Iran and its culture. An Iranian chat room that has each user select his favorite from a list of Iran-themed websites... More » Technology Social Media

Some popular chat bot services are Pandorabots, Nina Web by Nuance, and Hubot and Lita by Github. The popularity of chat bot services that can be used for customer service and such tasks online is on the rise, and option... More » Technology Social Media