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Tutorvista, Chegg and Tutor.com all provide online homework help and offer services for recurring tutoring sessions. Students can find tutors for specific subjects at a range of prices.


Homework has a positive effect on academic achievement as long as the amount of homework isn't too much, according to a research study led by Professor Harris Cooper of Duke University. The findings indicate that homework is more beneficial for middle and high school students than for elementary sch


Whether or not children should have homework is a matter of debate among educators, with some suggesting that it encourages good study habits, self-discipline, a love of learning and that it also reinforces work done in the classroom. However, some critics have pointed out that there is little relat


Critics of assigning homework to children argue that the practice causes undue stress for children and does not necessarily improve academic performance or knowledge. It also creates a hardship for parents. Recent studies, including one by researchers at Stanford University, indicate that the averag


Homework provides many benefits: it reinforces lessons and concepts taught during the school day to help students improve memory and perform better on tests, and it promotes the development of organizational skills while improving concentration. Routine homework gives students a sense of independenc


Some options for homework help include in-person tutoring from services such as Sylvan or online tutoring services such as Revolution Prep. These education services offer homework help to kids of all ages and skill levels.


Several online tutoring services, such as ASAP Tutor, Tutor Teddy and Accounting Assignment Help, offer accounting students extensive homework help. These online resources teach a full range of accounting material and can assist everyone from beginners in the field to MBA students.


Homework is used in education for numerous reasons, but a primary one for K-12 students is to involve parents in a child's learning. Homework also gives students a chance to practice and apply concepts learned at school or to prepare for optimal learning in upcoming classes.


Khan Academy, Fact Monster and Tutor are all websites that provide resources or live help to assist students with homework. Each website operates differently, but all provide educational resources like online calculators, videos, tutorials or live question and answer sessions with a tutor to help st


Scholastic Inc., the notable children's publisher, has a section on its website that offers help with homework. The section is called School Success and it has a subsection titled Homework Help. This is where parents can select the grade their child is in, from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade, in o