The potato-leek soup from Vegetarian Times contains light and simple ingredients. It is dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan. It is also low in fat and calories. More » Food Cooking Vegetables

Since the broth of French onion soup is not high in fat, low-fat recipes typically utilize low-fat cheese or bread. However, another way to minimize the fat content is to add more vegetables to the broth. More » Food Cooking

The entire leek is edible, but the most common pieces eaten are the white and light green parts. The darker green part is edible, but a bit tougher. More » Food Cooking Vegetables
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To make easy creamed corn, heat ingredients including corn kernels and milk until the mixture thickens and is heated through. Creamed corn should take up to 25 minutes to cook and is served immediately. More » Food Cooking Vegetables

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