Accelerated licensed practical nurse to registered nurse training programs enable licensed practical nurses to move through the necessary coursework and clinical practice more quickly than a traditional program by elimin... More » Education Colleges & Universities

A licensed practical nurse, or LPN, can become a registered nurse, or RN, by completing a LPN-to-RN program, explains complete this program, students must have a current LPN license, meaning that a student h... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

Advantages of serving as a travel Licensed Practical Nurse, or an LPN, include visiting unique destinations, having flexibility over work schedule, enjoying bonus payments and receiving relatively high wages. Travel LPNs... More » Geography
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Colleges do offer midwifery courses, and students usually take them as part of a master's degree program in nursing designed for licensed nurses, mentions the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some colleges with ... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Nursing bridge programs work by allowing licensed nurses to receive academic credit for professional experience and to provide a direct route to an RN license as well as BNS and MSN degrees for working nurses at differen... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Obtaining licensed practical nurse, or LPN, IV therapy certification involves becoming an LPN and completing a special training course, according to However, the training courses vary from one state to another... More » Business & Finance Careers

Some ways for licensed practical nurses to get free continuing education units include completing free training courses at their place of work, volunteering at clinics and attending work-related seminars. Some nursing as... More » Education Colleges & Universities