Coupons for OneTouch blood glucose meters occasionally are available online from websites such as, and, but there are no verified online coupons available as of Septem... More »

To use the OneTouch Ultra Meter, an individual inserts a OneTouch test strip into the device, selects the Apply Blood button and prepares the OneTouch Lancing Device, according to the instructions provided by OneTouch. H... More »

One Touch Ultra test strips are available online from,,,, and, according to the One Touch website. The strips can also ... More »

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OneTouch meters provide a reading that is about 12 percent higher than other types of blood glucose meters, such as ones that give whole-blood results, according to It is possible to test that the meter and st... More »

Three of the main differences between the OneTouch Ultra 2 and UltraMini blood glucose meters are size, features and ergonomics. The UltraMini glucose meter's small size makes it easy to carry in the user's pocket or pur... More »

A person can test blood glucose without taking blood, with GlucoTrack, a sensor that clips onto the earlobe and measures glucose using electromagnetic, thermal and ultrasound technologies. The device sends blood glucose ... More »

All blood glucose meters on the market are generally accurate, according to Mayo Clinic. However, the way the user stores and uses the meter has the potential to affect its accuracy. Factors to consider include the cost ... More »