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One Shot Lyrics: Think I got the blues from you but I don't know / I just can't see why you keep on holding on / Every time you call me, girl, there's something wrong / Yeah, I got the blues from


Lyrics to 'One Shot' by Eminem. ... 10 Songs You Didn't Know Were Covers; 8 Things You Didn't Know About Drake


And I only get one shot so I take it one shot at a time Take it one shot at a time One shot at a time I think my fear of missing out Makes me do the one thing I could do without It starts with one shot to have a good time Everybody knows how easy one can turn into five Don't judge me cause it ain't nobody's life but mine


Lyrics to "One Shot" song by PRETTYMUCH: Think I got the blues from you but I don't know I just can't see why you keep holding on Every time...


One Shot Lyrics: Hashtag "no filter" / Said a lot of stuff that I don't remember / Lord knows I'm guilty / Of a lot of sins that I don't wanna live with / Mama'd probably cut me off the family tree


Lansdowne - One Shot Lyrics. I wanna know what it feels like To get a taste for your appetite Lay it down on the bar room floor Let the whole room watch while you're


Lyrics to 'One Shot' by JLS. She's the kinda girl boys read about / In magazines, glossy magazines / She is the only one I think about / Leading lady in my


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