Assuming one considers the end zones and sidelines part of the football field, about five laps around the field would equal 1 mile. More accurately, 1 mile is equal to approximately 4.96 laps around the exact perimeter o... More » Science Measurements

An official flag football game is played on a field that is 60 yards long by 30 yards wide and has first-down markers every 15 yards and end zones 7 yards long. The total length of the field, including both end zones, is... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports

Counting the end zones, a standard American high school football field is 360 feet long. Each end zone is 10 yards, or 30 feet, deep, making the distance between end zones 300 feet, or 100 yards. A typical high school fo... More »

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In a 25-yard pool, 70.4 laps equal a mile. Dividing the number of yards in a mile (1,760) by the length of the pool (25) results in the number of laps that are in a mile. More » Science Measurements

Depending on the size of the basketball court, between 18 and 20 laps equal 1 mile. Since gymnasiums can vary greatly in size, it is easier to calculate how many laps around a regulation basketball court equals a mile. More » Health Fitness & Exercise

There are 5,280 feet in 1 mile. One can make this calculation by knowing the number of yards in a mile and then converting yards to feet. More » Science Measurements

It takes 18.3 laps around NBA and United States collegiate basketball courts to equal a mile and 19.7 laps around the smaller U.S. high school basketball court. A mile will require 18.7 laps around International Basketba... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Running