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Single-issue politics are a form of litmus test; common examples are abortion, taxation, animal rights, environment, and guns. The National Rifle Association in the United States, which has only one specific interest, is an example of a single-issue group.


AP GOV CHAPTER 9 POLITICAL PARTIES. STUDY. PLAY. Political Party. A group that seeks to elect candidates to political office. ... Period in which a major lasting shift occurs in support for one political party due to a wedge issue. Ideological Party. A party that values principled stands on issues above all else.


Some examples of single-issue parties, as the name implies, are those parties that are mainly devoted to one specific issue, such as animal rights, the legalization of marijuana or the abolition of abortion.


Republican Party on Civil Rights : Click here for 13 full quotes on Civil Rights OR other political leaders on Civil Rights.. Constitutionally define marriage as one man & one woman. (Aug 2012) 2006: Federalize gay marriage via Constitutional Amendment.


//Previous Answer: It is a party that consists of more than one issue that they discuss in political debates.


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New York at one Point had the Right to life Party (with the goal of ending abortion) The oldest still active third party in the US is a single issue party, the Prohibition party (started in 1869), which while technically still a party, is not very relevant anymore.


I think you can make a pretty good argument that the Democrats are a one issue party, and that issue is taking back power. All other principles certainly seem to be secondary. 0. 0.


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One way of getting money for space travel and colonization is to form one-issue parties focused only on such funding and get them elected into national parliaments. The election campaign should focus part on the necessity of space colonization and part on the inability of politics to solve...