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elements of buildings, the fire-resistance rating classifies the ability of an assembly to confine and isolate fire within a zone comprised of fire-resistance rated walls, ceiling and floor assemblies. The ratings relate to fire tests designed to determine how quickly fire can raise the temperature to unacceptable levels.


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Table 1 for one-hour rated wall assemblies and Table 2 for two-hour rated wall assemblies. Lumber shall be identified by the grade mark of a lumber grading or inspection agency that has been approved by an accreditation body that complies with the . American Softwood Lumber Standard (PS 20). Descriptions of successfully tested I-joist floor as-


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FIRE SAFETY CAUTION – Passing a fire test in a controlled laboratory setting and/or certifying or labeling a product as having a one-hour, two-hour, or any other fire resistance or protection rating and, therefore, as acceptable for use in certain fire rated assemblies/systems, does not mean that either a particular assembly/system ...


This assembly is fire-rated for 1 hour from the interior side only, except when brick is the exterior facing. When specified for these 1 hour fire-rated assemblies, LP FlameBlock sheathing reduces dead load and wall thickness versus common alternatives.


Fire resistance ratings are expressed in the number of minutes or hours a structure can withstand a fire simulation test. According to the Engineered Wood Association, a one-hour rating indicates that a wall constructed in a manner similar to the one tested will contain flames and high temperatures, and support its full load, for at least one hour after the fire begins.


The fire rating of the wall assembly is the lower of the two. Typically, for an exterior wall with a fire separation distance greater than 5 ft (1,524 mm), fire needs be considered on the interior side only.


Warnock Hersey Fire-Resistance Rated Wall Assemblies Warnock Hersey Product Listings • Standards products are certified against • ASTM, ISO, EN, CAN/CGSB, CAN/ULC • 1-Hour Fire Resistive Rated Wall Assemblies Click the link above, each design number below represents a James Hardie 1 hour Fire Resistive Wall Assembly • JH/FCS 60-01


Fire-rated Construction Acoustical Performance Partition Applications Fire Detail & Physical Data Description & Test No. STC Description System Rating & Test No. Reference 2 hr. Wd Stud—2 layers 5/8 SHEETROCK Brand gypsum N/A J panels, FIRECODE core, outside, both sides—5/8 SHEETROCK Brand gypsum panels, FIRECODE core, inside, both sides—2 rows 2 x 4 24 o.c.—base layer