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On What Continent Is Russia Located? The country of Russia is located on two continents: Asia and Europe. Approximately 75 percent of Russia lies in Asia, while the remaining 25 percent is in Europe. The portion residing in Asia is in a region known as Siberia.


There has always been a debate over which continent Russia (as well as Turkey) belongs to. According to Wikipedia, European Russia makes up most of Russia’s population, with 77% of the population, or 110 million. (See European Russia - Wikipedia) ...


Located in the continent of Europe, Russia covers 16,377,742 square kilometers of land and 720,500 square kilometers of water, making it the 1st largest nation in the world with a total area of 17,098,242 square kilometers. Russia was founded as a distinct and original nation in 1457. The population ...


Russia is one of a select number of countries in the world that are located in more than one continent. The other famous example of a transcontinental state is Turkey, which is also in both Europe and Asia.


In the seven-continent model, Russia is situated right on the border between Europe and Asia—it effectively has a great deal of land on both sides. This means that, as long as you recognize Europe and Asia separate continents, Russia is actually part of each—it’s in both Asia and Europe, rather than just one or the other.


As such, Russia has continued to grow in a way that gives it equal access to both backgrounds. Countries on More than One Continent. Is Russia part of Europe or Asia? In our opinion, it’s both. Ultimately, Russia is one of the select few countries around the world that’s lucky enough to be located in multiple continents at once.


Russia is the largest country on the planet as far as landmass is concerned. It spans through the eastern portion of Europe together with the northern parts of the continent of Asia. In terms of population, it is the ninth biggest country in the world. It is located in Eurasia and covers about 13% of the entire area of the globe.


23% of Russia is on the Eurasian continent; 77% of Russia is on the Asian continent; With a total area of 6,592,800 (square miles) or 144,463,200 (square kilometers), Russia is the largest nation on Earth. The whole of Europe is, in fact, smaller than Russia covering only an area of 3,930,0000 (square miles) or 10,180,000 (square miles).


Russia Is in One Continent? Another way to look at answering the question, “What continent is Russia in?” is by simply saying that it is located in one continent, not two. And it’s not Europe or Asia. It’s Eurasia. The reason for this is because mountain ranges generally don’t split continents into two. The Rocky Mountains don’t.


The country of Russia is located on both the continent of Europe and the continent of Asia. It's important to remember though, that the capital of Russia, and the seats of power for the federal ...