As a general rule of thumb, it is best to prune oleanders directly after they finish blooming. When to trim oleander depends on the hardiness zone the plant grows in and the specific oleander variety in question. More »

Prune oleander by the end of the summer, or early October at the latest. Pruning stimulates new growth, which needs time to harden off before winter arrives. More »

Oleander is a hearty shrub that requires a multiple step approach to eliminate, including cutting back the plant, treating the stump with herbicide, stump removal, continuing to monitor for growth and spraying any new gr... More »

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Oleanders do not require pruning to be healthy, but some pruning will result in a bushier shrub and allow you to achieve your desired shape. Oleanders are easy to cut, and a good pair of hand-pruners will usually do the ... More »

Bluebeard shrub, butterfly bush, oleander, potentilla and rock rose are some flowering bushes that require full sun. These low-maintenance perennial bushes also prefer well-drained soil. More »

An oleander bush is a flowering evergreen that grows in the warm climates of the West Coast region, Florida and Texas. The oleander also tolerates the dry and windy conditions found in Arizona and the salty marsh soils i... More »

Garden bushes with flowers include the butterfly bush, hydrangea, gardenia and oleander. Hibiscus and magnolia bushes also produce attractive blossoms. More »