Calling a woman seeking out younger men for sex a cougar initially referred to an older woman who hangs out at bars and pounces on any available and willing younger man at closing time. This references an actual cougar's... More »

Dating sites geared toward older women seeking younger men include and Both websites aim to match compatible partners for both short- and long-term affairs. More » Health

According to Men's Health as of 2015, the best dating website for men seeking women is for men seeking serious relationships. Another good website is, which caters to single men over 35. More » Health

A cougar chat room is any site with chat capability where older women can chat with significantly younger men. The purpose of these sites is usually to promote hook-ups between younger men and older women. More » Technology Social Media

A cougar chat service is a service offered by most dating websites that cater to older women searching for younger men and to younger men looking to date older women. The chat service is provided to make meeting the man ... More » Technology Social Media

Male cougars are simply called cougars or by any of the other nicknames the species has. Female cougars are sometimes referred to as she-cougars to differentiate them from the males. More »

Having sex in a position that forces a man’s sperm to have to travel further upon entering woman’s body is a tip for conceiving a baby girl, reports An additional tip for a woman to use while trying to get pre... More » Health Women's Health Pregnancy