articles sells antique, vintage and replica propellers as of 2015. Private sellers on eBay also offer a selection of old and replica propellers. sells only replica propellers for a variety of airpla... More » Vehicles Airplanes & Helicopters

As of 2015, old farmhouses for sale are available at,, and, according to the companies. All of the websites list properties throughout the United Sta... More » Business & Finance Real Estate Finding a Home

Old buses are available for sale at the websites of used bus dealers such as, or, as of April 2015. Old buses are also available for sale on auction sites such as eBay.c... More » Vehicles Buying & Selling
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Airplanes can achieve necessary thrust through jet engines or propellor drive, and smaller aircraft typically rely on the use of propellers in order to achieve lift. One of the main reasons that propellor planes are stil... More » Vehicles Airplanes & Helicopters

Early wooden propellers are usually longer, are designed for use with slower engines and have more bolt holes. Some have metal-sheathed tips, while others have fabric tips. Some rarer early propellers use dark woods such... More » Vehicles Airplanes & Helicopters

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Mahogany and walnut were used in early wooden plane propellers, by virtue of their relative malleability, reasonable strength and even grain patterns. Later propellers made by the ubiquitous American Propeller Company we... More » Vehicles Airplanes & Helicopters