One popular Irish home blessing begins, "God bless the corners of this house / And be the lintel blessed. / Bless the hearth, the table too / And bless each place of rest." Irish prayers and blessings are typically senti... More » World View Religion Christianity

The Irish blessing that starts with “May the Road” is talking about one’s journey and how God provides blessings for that journey. It is a traditional Gaelic blessing called “May the Road Rise Up to Meet You.” More » Education

Some examples of some brief Irish blessings are, "May the road rise to you," "Health and long life to you" and “Life is like a cup of tea; it’s all in how you make it." Along more whimsical lines, there's "If you're luck... More » Education
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Some Christian interpretations for common dreams are that God wants to either notify the individual of an upcoming obstacle and blessing or the devil is attempting to terrorize a Christian's faith. God speaks to Christia... More » World View Religion Christianity

A prayer of blessing and adoration is one that offers adoration and thanks to God for his role in a person's life. A blessing refers to having God's favor and protection. Therefore, a blessing prayer could thank God for ... More » World View Religion Christianity

Some good blessings for a baptism are to ask God to provide protection throughout life for the baptized child and prayers for God's help so that the child can find her life's mission. Additional good blessings for a bapt... More » World View Religion Christianity

Kenneth Copeland Ministries posted a prayer praising God and giving gratitude for the blessings being offered. The prayer also mentions expectations that "the rich blessings of heaven to be multiplied to me in return" an... More » World View Religion Christianity