Some major oil wells in Oklahoma include the wells found in Carter, Ellis and Stephens counties, which are the top producing counties in the state. The vast majority of the state's oil wells are located on the western si... More » Geography United States The Midwest

Oklahoma's products and industries include agriculture, manufacturing, energy and services. The state has a long history with agriculture dating to before statehood, when cattle drives frequently crossed the area, taking... More » Geography United States The South

As of December 2015, some well-reviewed furniture stores in Oklahoma City are RetrOKC, Bob Mills Furniture and West Elm. RetrOKC specializes in retro-style furniture and has a perfect overall rating on More » Home & Garden Furniture
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Oklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma. It is also the state's largest city, with a population of more than 1.3 million people in the metro area. More » Geography United States The Midwest

A deferred sentence in Oklahoma is when a judge has found someone guilty of a crime but delays sentencing until a later date. This delay can last from one day to five years, according to the Oklahoma County website. More » Geography United States The Midwest

Three of the most notable cities in Oklahoma are Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Norman. Oklahoma City is the state capital and is home to around 610,000 people. Tulsa, with nearly 400,000 inhabitants, is a leading cultural cen... More » Geography United States The Midwest

The state flower of Oklahoma is the Oklahoma rose. This rose has the most fragrant scent of the hybrid tea roses. The Oklahoma rose is dark red and comes close to resembling black velvet in warm weather. More » Geography United States The Midwest