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Oil Rig Job Training. The oil industry is by far one of the most successful industries in the world. There is a constant demand for oil (and natural gas) and for workers in the oil fields all over the world - onshore and offshore.


Offshore oil rig workers are required to earn a BOSIET certificate (Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training. This ensures that the worker demonstrates an understanding of offshore regulations, safety precautions including firefighting and first-aid skills. Included is a familiarity with TEMPSC, a specialized lifeboat for sea vessels ...


Of course, all the training the world cannot fully prepare you for life on an oil rig – that only comes with the experience gained from working in the industry for a prolonged period of time. Contracts are offered by employers for varying amounts of time, so only sign up for 6 months to 1 year initially until you get a feel of the work ...


OFFSHORE OIL & GAS TRAINING Want to learn about working on an offshore Oil Rig? Offshore Oil & Gas free training course is an introduction for people who want to work in the offshore Oil & Gas industry. It will give you invaluable insight into working Offshore, so you know what to expect on rigs, drillships, and support vessels.


The Oilfield Training Program is a unique educational partnership between America’s oil and natural gas industry and the Carville Job Corps Academy in Carville, Louisiana. The program trains students in the basics of the oil and natural gas industry and prepares them for entry-level positions.


MCA Medical Training Course. Holding an MCA approved certification in Medical First Aid at Sea is a huge benefit for anyone getting started with their oil and gas rig training. This is one program that all crew members should complete, regardless of how much impact it has on employment.


The primary objective of this Offshore Oil Rig Training training course is to empower professionals with— complete knowledge and information about all activities involved in offshore oil drilling the required experience and confidence to handle emergency situations and take correct timely decisions to prevent damage of any kind


All offshore oil rig workers must complete a three day Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training program. BOSIET teaches safety regulations, first aid, proper use of hazardous materials, crisis response and skills for traveling in helicopters to and from oil rigs.


Training for Offshore Oil Rig Jobs When considering working aboard an oil rig, it is ideal to consider training for a Basic Offshore Survival & Firefighting certificate. This course may take one and a half days and can be quite physically demanding and challenging.


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