Oil price history charts display how much a barrel of crude oil cost during specific time periods using lines and graphs. Professional investors use financial websites that offer charts and graphs such as More »

Two online sources for crude oil prices are the United States Energy Information Administration, or EIA, website and the "Commodities" page of the CNBC website. The EIA website ( provides current pricing and more... More »

Bloomberg Business publishes graphs of various oil prices. There are several different types of oil with different prices in various markets, but the most important crude prices and refined product prices appear on the B... More »

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Regularly updated charts with current prices of oil per barrel are available on and These sites contain links to charts for sub-categories such as crude oil, natural gas, ethanol and heating o... More »

A crude oil price barrel chart shows the price per barrel of oil on the vertical axis and the progression of time on the horizontal axis. The level of the price line on the vertical axis gives the price per barrel at the... More »

The price of crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange was approximately $91.50 per barrel in early March 2014, and the price lowered to around $51.60 by early March 2015, a period of one year. The change of $39.90 m... More »

The price of heating oil is significantly influenced by the cost of crude oil, states U.S. Energy Information Administration. If crude oil prices do not increase rapidly, heating oil retail prices hold fairly steady. More »