The frequency that an Ohio state highway map is updated varies depending on its medium. Paper forms of maps for Ohio are typically updated and released annually to reflect changes made to roads. Conversely, map software ... More » Geography

Maps of the Ohio transportation system, including the state highway system, are available online from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). Maps can be downloaded directly ( or ordered from the de... More » Geography

The website of Ohio State University offers maps of its campus and larger maps with driving directions to the campus, but not detailed maps of the state. The website of the state of Ohio offers free maps of Ohio in its s... More » Geography Maps & Cartography
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Some of the most popular Ohio state parks include Hocking Hills State Park, Geneva State Park at Lake Erie, the Malabar Farm State Park and Kelleys Island State Park. Activities vary by location but most have camping fac... More » Geography

It is possible to find a state map of Ohio that includes cities on and, as of 2015. The city map on also displays major highways. More » Geography

An official Florida highway map is available online at the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) website. Visitors can access the map from the main page by clicking on "Maps and Data" in the top navigation bar, the... More » Geography

As with most maps, the distance between two points on a Colorado state highway map can be calculated using a standard ruler. Most maps contain a scale that indicates a representative fraction of distance. Measuring the d... More » Geography