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Recycling paper should be an everyday routine. Learning the facts about recycling paper will help you as you fulfill your part to keep our environment green.You only need to look around you to see that paper is everywhere and of course, the need for it is essential.


Paper Recycling Tips. Recyclable paper includes: Magazines and catalogs, telephone books, direct mail, brochures, pamphlets and booklets in addition to cereal, cake, chip and cracker boxes. Be sure to remove the liner and all food from the box, flatten the box and place flattened box in a paper sack with your junk mail, mixed paper, magazines ...


The 17 trees saved (above) can absorb a total of 250 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air each year. Burning that same ton of paper would create 1500 pounds of carbon dioxide. The construction costs of a paper mill designed to use waste paper is 50 to 80% less than the cost of a mill using new pulp. Information from Recycling Revolution


Recycling a single aluminum can saves enough energy to power a television for three hours. Newspaper (Paper) Americans throw away enough office paper each year to build a 12-foot high wall of paper that would stretch from New York to Seattle. Making paper from recycled paper reduces contributions to air pollution by 95 percent.


In fact, paper and paperboard products make up the largest portion of the municipal solid waste stream in the United States and as a result, offer the greatest opportunity to recycle. Learn more facts and figures and other details about paper recycling in the answers to frequent questions below.


THE SOLUTION: Paper products can be recycled around 5-7 times, and there are many ways you can reduce your paper usage. Provide a recycling container designated for just paper recycling in copy rooms and next to each person's desk. Lastly, to reduce the amount of paper you use, print double sided and try only making copies and prints when ...


50 Recycling & Trash Statistics That Will Make You Think Twice About Your Trash. ... These 50 landfill facts on trash and recycling will prove the severity of the problems that lie within our current approach to trash. ... The United States throws out the amount of office paper it would take to build a 12-foot wall from Los Angeles to New York ...


Paper. Recycling 1 ton of paper saves 17 mature trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 3 cubic yards of landfill space, and 2 barrels of oil. Every ton of paper recycled can save the energy equivalent of 165 gallons of gasoline. 17 trees can absorb a total of 250 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air each year.


Fun Facts Did you know… Paper recovery for recycling has reached or exceeded 63 percent each year since 2009. The amount of paper and paperboard recovered in the U.S. increased 79 percent between 1990 and 2016. Every ton of paper recycled saves more than 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space.


Some Office Paper Facts. Typical business offices generate about 1.5 pounds of waste paper per employee per day. Financial businesses generate over 2 pounds per employee per working day. Nearly half of typical office paper waste is comprised of high grade office paper, for which there is strong recycling demand.