Office management entails managing logistics and employees and sometimes involves analyzing income and expenses. Many office managers are also responsible for developing tactics and strategies for the future. More »

Gain office management training by taking classes at schools such as Remington College or by receiving training from a company such as Meirc Training and Consulting. Specialized office management training is also availab... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations posts available jobs in the field of medical office management, which you can search and apply for through the website. You can post your resume on the site for medical office employers to view, and you can a... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

The objective of working capital management is to make sure that a firm can keep operating and to ensure that it has enough money to take care of short-term debt and upcoming expenses. This means that the company must ma... More »

Reward management refers to a company's overall strategy for its payment and reward system for its employees. Rewards from a company can be both monetary and non-monetary. A properly implemented reward management system ... More »

Management philosophy is the philosophy adopted by a company's executives outlining how they believe a business should be directed, particularly with regard to the treatment of fellow workers and employees. As such, mana... More »

Proactive management refers to managing or running a business with strategies that address expected difficulties before they happen in an effort to mitigate risk. This style of managing a business focuses on anticipated ... More »