Ocean waves are an expression of energy moving through water. The most common ocean waves are caused by surface winds pushing water toward land. Seismic activity can also cause waves, such as tsunamis created by undersea... More »

The main wave types are breaking, constructive, deep water, destructive, inshore, internal, Kelvin, seiche, shallow water and surging waves. Ocean waves are usually categorized based on formation and behavior. More »

Ocean waves have different names and they are classified according to their periods. Ripples are small waves caused by the wind blowing across the sea surface, and they have an interval of less than 0.5 seconds. More »

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Wind, temperature differences, water density and salinity all play a role in generating ocean currents. Currents may also be influenced by external forces, such as earthquakes, the coriolis effect produced by the Earth's... More »

According to Pelamis Wave Power, wave energy is energy transferred from wind forces to the waves of a body of water, such as the ocean. Wave energy should not be confused with tidal energy. More »

Wave power refers to power or energy harnessed from the waves in a body of water, most commonly the ocean. This energy is difficult to harness, so wave power stations are rare. More »

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Tidal energy works by using special generators to convert the energy produced by the rise and fall of ocean tides into electrical power. The force of the water drives turbines placed in tidal streams or installed in dams... More »

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