The subduction of plate tectonics causes an ocean trench to form. This means one of the Earth's tectonic plate slides under another tectonic plate. More »

The Japan Trench is a submarine trench. It is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire in the North Pacific Ocean, roughly to the northeast of the Japanese islands. More » Geography Bodies of Water

The Tonga Trench is a submarine trench located in the floor of the South Pacific Ocean. It forms the eastern boundary of the Tonga Ridge. It's 35,702 feet deep at its deepest point and has an average depth of 20,000 feet... More »

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There are three places a volcano can occur: at mid-ocean ridges, at subduction zones where a continental and ocean plate collide, and at a hot spot located in the middle of a plate. Mid-ocean ridges are caused by diverge... More »

According to, bays are formed through various ways, such as plate tectonics, overflowing of the ocean to a coastline and the slicing of a glacier through a bedrock. Bays are bodies of water partial... More »

Lakes form due to receding glaciers, plate tectonics, volcanism, meandering rivers, landslides and human damming. Most of the natural lakes in North America formed due to glaciers receding from the last ice age 18,000 ye... More »

Beach erosion, often referred to as coastal erosion, occurs when the area’s sand is washed into the ocean. Beach erosion is a constant process, and the persistence of a beach depends upon local rivers and streams to tran... More »