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Science for kids, specifically elementary aged kids, is a general introduction to basic scientific concepts. It is the foundation for further scientific development and experimentation.


Only about 30 percent of the Earth's surface is dry land, oceans make up the remaining 70 percent. Earth's oceans are home to hundreds of thousands of marine life forms, but because most of the ocean depths remain unexplored, hundreds of thousands or even millions of un...


Some science activities for kids include making kids' hands glow in the dark, creating a homemade ice cream maker and building a boat that is powered by soap. All of these activities are appropriate for elementary schoolers.


Octopuses, jellyfish, sharks, sea stars and sea turtles are a few of the numerous animal species that inhabit the oceans. Since most plants need sunlight to carry out photosynthesis, many underwater plants make their homes close to the shore. Phytoplankton is one of the...


There are over 100 free science games for kids at PBSkids.org. This massive online library of interactive games includes "Build-A-Bot", which teaches rudimentary engineering skills and "How to be an Inventor", a fun exercise showing children how curiosity leads to innov...


Some online science games for kids are "Magnets" and "Let it Glow." There is also an animal-inspired science game for kids called "Habitat Adventure: Panda Challenge."


Good science websites for kids include Askdruniverse.wsu.edu, ColorMatters.com and Popsci.com. Another popular option is BillNye.com, which is the website for the popular broadcaster "Bill Nye the Science Guy."