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Ocean pollution is caused by numerous industrial and domestic activities, which include oil spills, garbage dumping, sewage and factory-waste disposal and the use of toxic pesticides. These activities pollute the oceans through drains, rivers and direct dumping. Accordi...


The Mediterranean Sea is the most polluted ocean in the world because it is almost entirely surrounded by land. The sea is heavily trafficked and fished by the 19 nations that rely on it for food and income.


The effects of ocean pollution include an interruption in the reproductive cycle of animals; injury, illness and death in marine life; disruption of photosynthesis and illnesses in humans. The ocean's adaptation methods, such as its mechanism to absorb carbon dioxide fr...


Water information for children relays important information on water pollution, such as sources and methods of potential treatment, in a manner that is easy to comprehend. Water pollution stems from several sources and is attributed primarily to human activity. Children...


Pollutants are high concentrations of toxic chemicals found in the environment. They are generally introduced into the ecosystem through the air, water or soil, and they have the ability to cause great harm to the environment and people’s health.


Articles written about ocean pollution are intended to raise awareness about this issue and to promote ecological conservation efforts to reverse pollution trends. According to the activist group The Ocean Project, increased awareness of ocean pollution has been shown t...


Food pollution refers to toxic chemicals or biological contaminants that are found in food or that are associated with food. These chemicals and contaminants are either not naturally present in the food or are above the natural levels.