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Apr 8, 2020 ... The climate crisis has given us all a renewed appreciation for our planet's oceans and the marine life that lives beneath the water's surface, as ...


Mar 21, 2019 ... Our oceans are under attack by climate change, overfishing. The vast bodies of water surrounding the continents are critical to life on Earth.


Earth Underwater · Climate Control · Ocean or Sea? · Ocean Life · Watery Habitats.


Less than 10% of that space has been explored by humans. 85% of the area and 90% of the volume constitute the dark, cold environment we call the deep sea.


Jun 8, 2020 ... Dive into some lesser-known facts about the deep. ... invulnerable to the harsh environment, which includes water temperatures up to 750°F.


33 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Earth's Oceans · 1 The ocean is home to nearly 95 percent of all life. · 2 Coral produces its own sunscreen. · 3 There'...


With each passing year, we expose the ocean to more pollutants, from trash to chemicals. Fortunately, it's not too ... Climate change: 11 facts you need to know.


Jan 22, 2018 ... Instead, they can persist in the environment for a millennium, polluting our beaches, entangling marine life, and getting ingested by fish and ...


Apr 11, 2020 ... Fun Ocean Facts · Around 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by oceans. · The world's oceans contain enough water to fill a cube with edge...


Jul 18, 2020 ... 11 Deeply Interesting Facts About Our Oceans ... Even more so, the cables have to be designed to last in a difficult environment and are ...