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Most jobs will use Geometry somewhere in the work that is done. The only jobs we can think of where you may never use Geometry would be: Helper Occupations like Psychology and Social Work, or perhaps a Language Interpreter.


Geometry is the visual study of patterns, shapes, positions and sizes, making its use necessary for careers in a variety of industries. It is also essential to how we conduct our daily lives, as size, shape and position affect how humans use objects.


Careers In Mathematics. 1.1 List of Careers That Use Mathematics 1.2 Career Profiles 1.3 Other Resources on Careers. Job Search Resources . 2.1 The School of Physical Sciences’ s Mentor Program 2.2 The Career Center at UCI 2.3 List of local companies who have expressed interest in math majors at recent UCI job fairs


Medical imaging. Medical imaging is a method used for reconstructing shapes from inside the human body. For example, if a CAT scan reveals a tumor, a medical imaging specialist can then use the data from the scan, along with the principles of geometry, to construct a three-dimensional model that is the size, shape and density of the tumor.


Careers in the transportation industry and the construction industry require geometry. Careers in the arts and agriculture industry, the medicine industry and the engineering industry utilize geometry on a daily basis as well. The transportation industry utilizes air traffic controllers, who use geometry to determine a plane's flight path.


For some jobs, using math -- from simple addition and subtraction to complex calculus -- is a daily part of the work. Accountant The daily work of accountants revolves around use of math.


Careers that Use Math Everyday Most of us harbor a dreaded fear of mathematics. But there are some people who love the world of numbers, right angles, and calculus.


When Will I Use Math? lists 40 careers with descriptions, ... 10 thoughts on “ 10 Seriously Cool Careers That Need Maths ” Merry says: October 20, 2010 at 11:50 am Fantastic! I can’t think of a better answer to give your child when they ask you ‘Why do I have to do maths?’.


Believe it or not, hundreds of careers use skills learned in high school math on a daily basis. The truth is virtually every career you could choose will build on the basic skills learned in High School Math.


Professions that Use Geometry Professions that Use Geometry Some of the professions which rely heavily on an at least basic level of understanding of geometry include: