Anyone who wants to operate a school bus, a tow truck or a tank truck needs a commercial driver's license. Similarly, anyone who needs to drive a vehicle transporting a certain amount of hazardous materials is also requi... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

A CDL license, also known as a commercial driver's license, is required to drive large trucks and various other types of commercial vehicles legally. There are several different types of CDLs and several different classe... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

The CDL General Knowledge test is not quite the same thing as the CDL permit test, as an applicant is required to pass all the various relevant written knowledge tests in order to obtain a commercial driver's license and... More » Vehicles DMV & Records
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A commercial driver's license is required to drive school buses. In addition to acquiring a CDL, bus drivers are typically required to complete up to three months of additional training. More » Vehicles DMV & Records

While requirements to earn a school bus driver's license vary from state to state, individuals taking the driving portion of the test can expect to complete a pre-drive inspection of the bus' safety features and particip... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

The requirements to obtain a CDL, or commercial driver's license, vary by state. Regardless, all states require the driver to complete a training program, pass a written exam and take a hands-on driving test. More » Vehicles DMV & Records

The amount of time it takes to get a commercial driver's license depends on the length of time to get a permit and pass the required testing. A driver must have the commercial license permit for at least 14 days before t... More » Vehicles DMV & Records