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Cough is one of the most frequent symptoms in children and is the most common symptom for which children visit a health care provider. This is an observational study on acute cough associated with upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) in children. The study evaluates the epidemiology and impact of cough on quality of sleep and children's activities, and the outcome of cough with antitussive...


Observational studies draw inferences about the effect of an “exposure” or intervention, when the intervention is not specifically assigned by the researcher conducting the study. Observational child study methods are often used where there are ethical concerns in using an experimental design, such as exposure to cigarette smoking ...


In this cross-sectional observational study, we obtained data from the first annual curated release of the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development study, a 10-year longitudinal, observational study. Data were collected from 21 study sites across the USA between Sept 1, 2016, and Sept 15, 2017.


Child Observational Study This child observation study was done as the part of curricular requirement of MSW programme of Kingston University. The child in this study is a 7 month old girl 'S', born in a family from south India settled in London. She has an elder sister, who is 3 and a half years old.


In a study of preschool children and older children, Peterson (1983) found that, in two types of tasks, helping behavior was positively affected by responsibility focus and competence. larly relevant to the present study is an observational study of preschool children's helping behavior during free-play activity (Bar-Tal et al., 1982).


Many questions in human health research can only be answered with observational studies. In contrast to controlled experiments or well-planned, experimental randomized clinical trials, observational studies are subject to a number of potential problems that may bias their results. Some of the more ...


A naturalistic observation was carried out in a co-educational private nursery; with a class size of 20 children ages between 3-4, and 3 teachers. To respect the rights of the carers and child A’s parent, consent was acquired. A target child observation was conducted for one hour a week over a six weeks period.


Observational psychology is an interdisciplinary system of study that usually falls under the banner of the psychology of learning. The psychology of learning is a particular branch of psychological study that attempts to draw conclusions about how people learn, what it means to learn a behavior, and how this understanding of learning can be ...


There have been very few systematic observation studies of children's behaviour in British infant schools. This paper provides a descriptive account of children's behaviour over the three years of their infant schooling, when aged five to seven years. The results come from a longitudinal study of ...


In our study, we have examined the irregular sleep effects with the overweight and obesity risk in children and adults.The sample was composed of 199 subjects, of which 71 adults, (29 males and 42 females), and 128 children (73 males and 55 females).