An unabridged dictionary, a medium cantaloupe and a bottle of wine all weigh approximately 1 kilogram. Other 1-kilogram objects include a liter of water, a pineapple and a small laptop. More » Science Measurements

A paperclip, a sugar packet, the cap of a pen and a raisin are all examples of things that weigh just 1 gram. A gram is a unit of measurement in the metric system used to measure mass. More » Science Measurements

A body with a mass of 1 kilogram weighs 9.8 newtons on Earth's surface. The weight of any body on Earth's surface is determined by multiplying its mass by the Earth's gravitational force, which is 9.8 meters per second s... More » Science Physics
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An example of an object that weighs 1 kilogram is a large book, such as a dictionary. A kilogram is a metric unit used to measure the amount of mass in an object. One kilogram is roughly equal to 2.2 pounds. Additional e... More » Science Measurements

A liter of water weighs 1 kilogram. A kilogram converts to 2.2 pounds, so a liter of water weighs 2.2 pounds. This assumes that the weighing takes place at sea level and the water is at 4 degrees centigrade (39.2 degrees... More » Science Measurements

To convert from pounds to kilograms, you must first have the number of pounds in a kilogram, as a pound is smaller than a kilogram. Next, divide by that number to get the number of kilograms. The process shouldn't take m... More » Science Measurements

One thousand grams is equal to one kilogram. The prefix "kilo" means 1,000. One kilogram is also about the same as 2 pounds, 3 ounces. More » Science Measurements