One pack of ground beef, a loaf of bread and 3.5 apples are examples of objects that weigh approximately 500 grams. The equivalency of 500 grams is around 1.1 pounds. More » Science Measurements

A paperclip, a sugar packet, the cap of a pen and a raisin are all examples of things that weigh just 1 gram. A gram is a unit of measurement in the metric system used to measure mass. More » Science Measurements

The DelFly Explorer, a battery-powered flying drone with stereo vision flight, weighs 20 grams. For baking, 1/4 cup of cake flour is equal to 20 grams. More » Science Measurements
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A slice of bread weighs 1 ounce, which is 28.34 grams. An ounce is the smallest standard American measurement of weight and is equal to 1/16th of a pound. More » Science Measurements

It is impossible for something to weigh 200 grams. A gram is a unit of mass, while weight is a measure of force. However, a penny has a mass of roughly 2.5 grams, so 80 pennies would give you a mass of 200 grams, or a we... More » Science Measurements

Converting 500 grams to pounds is a simple process. Multiply the value in grams by 0.0022046 to get the answer in pounds. Round the answer and add the unit to finish. More » Science Measurements

Some objects which are one centimeter long include the radius of an American penny, the thickness of a standard notepad and the width of the average pinkie finger. A credit card is also used to estimate centimeters, as i... More » Science Measurements