Most newspapers offer viewing of online obituaries through the paper’s website. Some newspapers also make obituaries available online through, which, as of 2015, has a database of more than 20 million recent o... More » Art & Literature Literature Magazines & Newspapers, a global provider of online obituaries, allows online users to locate obituaries on the Internet for free. Legacy collaborates with more than 1,500 newspapers in North America, Europe, New Zealand, United Kin... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Recent obituaries published in the last few weeks are typically available on the website for the local newspaper in which they were published. Older, archived obituaries may be available on websites, such as a... More » Holidays & Celebrations
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Most newspapers have an Obituaries section where readers can find death notices, information about surviving family members, biographical information and other details about a person's life and death. However, not all de... More » Art & Literature Literature Magazines & Newspapers

Obituaries for the last 7 days are available at the website of The Chronicle Herald, while older announcements can be requested by email or telephone from the newspaper's library. Contact details for the library are avai... More » Art & Literature Literature Magazines & Newspapers

The Globe and Mail obituaries can be read in the Deaths section on the newspaper's website. Death notices are also available on that page. According to the Globe and Mail, the obituary page is the most likely page in the... More » Art & Literature Literature Magazines & Newspapers

The Daily Oklahoman website lists current obituaries for the previous two to three days for local residents and celebrities. The rest of its obituaries are provided in conjunction with on their website, and th... More » Art & Literature Literature Magazines & Newspapers