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Since ancient times, honey has been used as both a food and a medicine. It's very high in beneficial plant compounds and offers several health benefits. Honey is particularly healthy when used ...


Honey is one of the oldest sweeteners on earth. Lucky for us, it also has many health benefits and uses. Honey is so good, we have included it in our list of powerfoods that should be in your kitchen right now. Read on for 10 health benefits and uses for this golden sweetener.


Raw Honey Nutrition Facts Honey is one of nature’s purest foods and is far more than just a natural sweetener. It’s a “functional food,” which means it’s a natural food with health benefits. Raw honey nutrition is impressive. Raw honey contains 22 amino acids, 27 minerals and 5,000 enzymes.


One of the most encouraging honey nutrition facts - this natural sweetener is rich in phenolic acids and flavonoids, ... 11 Most Unbelievable Honey Benefits That Many People Don't Know. 2) Learn useful facts about honey nutrition and composition from:-Honey Information From FAQs.


Medicinal Uses of Honey. ... Here's the truth behind the claims about honey's health benefits -- and an important warning. ... Taormina, P. International Journal of Food Microbiology, September 2001.


Honey is a lot more than a sweetener for your tea. Used for centuries in folk medicine, raw honey now has research to back its array of health benefits. Learn about six ways raw, unpasteurized ...


11 Health Benefits of Honey All natural, with a host of health benefits, honey can truly be called a miracle food. It’s been used for centuries as a food, a medicine and for skin care.


Honey’s scientific super powers contribute to its vastly touted health benefits for the whole body. The healthy natural sweetener offers many nutritional benefits depending on its variety. Raw honey is the unpasteurized version of commonly used honey and only differs in its filtration, which helps extend its shelf life.


Although honey can be a fantastic health-boosting tool, using the wrong kind of honey may give you the health benefits of honey you expect. A study conducted for Food Safety News shows that at least 75% of the honey sold in the US is actually not real honey , according to Food and Drug Administration standards.


Honey is a versatile and wholesome food for older children and adults. Honey may be introduced into a child’s diet after the age of one, but not before 4, 5. Source: 3 National Honey Board, “Nutritional Benefits of Honey.” Sept 2008.