To find skilled nursing home ratings, visit, do a search for nursing homes within a specific geographic area or by the facility?????????s name, and view ratings on each nursing home. rates the f... More » Health Older Adults

The government authority that provides nursing home ratings and reports is the Centers for Medicare More » Business & Finance Real Estate Finding a Home

More » Health Older Adults
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Common nursing home regulations require nursing homes to have a sufficient staff, create care plans for every resident, satisfy a resident's nutritional needs and control infections. Regulations focus on keeping every re... More » Health Older Adults

The Minimum Data Set (MDS) coordinator in a nursing home is responsible for developing care plans for each resident. The MDS coordinator uses data from a standardized assessment that evaluates the functional capabilities... More » Health Older Adults

Extendicare nursing homes offer medical treatments such as long-term care, home health care and retirement living. Workplace health and wellness programs are also available, according to Extendicare. More » Health Older Adults

Creative activities for nursing home residents include arts and crafts, storytelling, making music, baking and gardening. Adaptations to the activities and working in groups enables residents with physical or mental limi... More » Health Older Adults