To use online nursing care plans, visit websites such as which offer a variety of care plans for a wide selection of conditions, including benign prostatic hypertrophy, bipolar disorder and breast cance... More » Health

A nursing care format is arranged in the order of the nursing diagnosis, the goal, the nursing orders and the evaluation, according to A proper format must retain the order of effectiveness. More » Health Diagnostics & Imaging

In order to provide proper care for a patient, a nurse carries out an assessment and diagnosis procedure and then uses the information to develop an appropriate plan of care to meet the patient's health needs, according ... More » Health Diagnostics & Imaging
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Some basic nursing skills include the ability to record a patient's medical history, administer medication, set up patient care plans, observe and record a patient's condition, and consult with doctors and other health p... More » Business & Finance Careers

Common pediatric nursing care plans are either in a category by diagnosis or outcomes, such as a diabetes care plan or a cervical cancer care plan. The category of the nursing care plan can include the disease or sicknes... More » Family Parenting Babies & Toddlers

Medico offers three Medicare supplement insurance plans that cover certain costs of hospital and skilled nursing facility care, according to the company's website. Physician, therapist, outpatient and ambulance services ... More » Health Medications & Vitamins

In nursing, a case manager is an RN who is responsible for the development and implementation of patient care plans. Patient care plans are developed on an individual basis and often require the case manager to act as a ... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations