Numerical expression is a mathematical equation that contains only numbers and operation symbols. It contains no variables, which are unknown numbers that are often expressed as letters, such as x or y. More »

Numerical expressions are math problems containing only numbers and operational symbols. Solve by first completing any computations appearing inside parenthesis, working from left to right. Then compute exponents, workin... More »

A numerical factor of a term is any number that can be factored out of the coefficient. For example, the term 10*x has a factor of 5 and can be reduced to 5*(2*x). More »

A mathematical verbal expression is a translation into words of an algebraic expression that can consist of different operations, numbers and variables. An example of this is translating the mathematical equation or phra... More »

Regrouping is the borrowing of a value from one column of numbers to another to aid a mathematical operation. If one is subtracting, it’s necessary to regroup when the number at the top of a column is smaller than the on... More »

A math equation writer is a program that allows the user to input numbers and symbols to obtain an output of a function that is properly formatted. Most computer programs like Microsoft Word do not allow the user to use ... More » Math Arithmetic

Mathematical symbols describe mathematical numbers, operations and expressions, according to The "+" symbol signals the need to add the numbers on either side of it together. More » Math Arithmetic