Piercings naturally tend to be a bit painful because it involves sticking a pointed object into the bare skin. Topical creams like Emla that contain lidocaine, or similar numbing ingredients, is sometimes applied to the ... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Piercing

BareEase is one type of numbing cream used for waxing. BareEase was created by an anesthesiologist to dull the pain associated with waxing, and it is commonly used for bikini waxes. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Removal

Common over-the-counter numbing creams include methyl salicylate, lidocaine, benzocaine and tetracaine. The main ingredient in popular muscle rubs, methyl salicylate contains heating and cooling agents that warm and cool... More » Health Medications & Vitamins
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You can use sea salt to make a saline solution to clean and rejuvenate piercings. The sea salt solution is commonly used to clean and heal both new and infected piercings. More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Piercing

Ear weights are used primarily to stretch out earlobe piercings. Ear weights are earrings that are weighted and aid in making the hole of the piercing larger. More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Piercing

Nape piercings can last years as long as the piercer uses the proper technique and materials, and the pierced person cares for the piercing properly. All piercings can become infected or rejected by the pierced person's ... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Piercing

Most lip piercings require a minimum of six to eight weeks to heal, and the original jewelry is best left in place during this time to promote healing, according to Some specialized lip piercings require up to... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Piercing