There is no definitive number of words in the English language although Webster's Third New International Unabridged Dictionary contains approximately 470,000 entries. The difficulty in quantifying the number of words in... More » Education

There are a number of online venues that equip English learners with vocabulary practice, with the website for English as a Second Language (ESL) at the Frankfurt International School being one extensive resource. Other ... More » Education Homework Help

The website provides a list of English words that begin with the letter "B" totaling 1,146 in number. However, the list does not include all possible derivative words; for example, "belt" is included, but ... More » Education
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Scripps National Spelling Bee uses a three-person word panel, with occasional input from other Bee officials, to select words from "Webster's Third New International Dictionary" and its addenda section. Proposed words mu... More » Education

The Fry word list is an important tool to help children learn to read and understand language; educators incorporate the list of the 1,000 most commonly found words in the English language into lesson plans divided by gr... More » Education

Lists of English words four letters in length can be found at websites such as Word Find, Your Dictionary and Scrabble Wizard. Note that "four-letter word" is also an English idiom for curse words; the website NoSwearing... More » Education

The shortest written words in the English language are "I" and "a." The shortest spoken words in English are any single-sound words, including "I" and "a," as well as words such as "eye," "ah," "eh" or "oh." More » Education